The Jerdan Journal: November 2017

Dear friends,

We are thankful! Our wide network of friends and supporters has made our overseas ministries possible for multiple decades and continues to do so. Through encouragement, financial support and prayers you continue to partner with us in all the opportunities we have to contribute to the Body of Christ around the world. We are deeply aware that this can only happen as a partnership and has no meaning outside of such shared concern and effort. We are continually grateful to serve as this link between you and what God is doing among his people elsewhere.

We are asking for your prayers as we leave tomorrow to meet with a part of that Body that is new for us. Using French, Diane will teach a course on Christian Education to a group of North African church workers next week, from December 4 to 8. This is both a new location and a new group of students. We are looking forward to having contact with this rapidly growing group of believers and seeing how the Lord is working in their midst. Please pray for quick insight into their situation and how to best communicate principles that will be helpful to them in their ministries.

As we enter the Advent season, we pray that our presence will always be a reflection of that great Light which shines in the darkness to bring light, life, and hope to all mankind.

Diane and Bill Jerdan

Global Outreach Mission – Box 2010 – Buffalo, NY 14231-20100
REC Board of Foreign Missions – 4142 Dayflower Drive – Katy, TX 77449

Prayer Requests

  • For the Church around the world
  • For Diane's course on Christian Education and the North African church workers who will attend


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