The Jerdan Journal: January 2018 (PDF)

Dear friends,

As we look back over 2017, we realize that it was an exceptional – and in many ways surprising – year for us. We were in Phnom Penh, Cambodia when it started. When it ended, we had set foot in 8 different countries on 3 separate continents for different types of ministry activities: visits to ministry partners and churches, counseling, teaching, internatioonal conferences, and participation in Reformation commemorations. Having all those various stamps in our passports is an exotic perk, but the real meaning of it all is the people we met and the ministries we got to see first-hand. These pastors, church leaders, missionaries, and commissioned lay workers are the beating heart of the Church that Jesus Christ is building in these various countries. They are doing great things with limited resources and, sometimes, even limited freedom. But their vision and service are such an inspiration and encouragement to us. We return enriched in ways that are hard to measure.

At this point, it appears that 2018 will be much calmer. For the moment only one international ministry is on the schedule later this year.

Thank you for praying for Diane’s week of teaching Christian Education in North Africa early in December. She had an enthusiastic group of fifteen first-generation believers who were excellent students. They were able to grasp concepts quickly and worked hard on ideas for application in their context. It was clearly the most satisfying teaching experience she has had. Bill’s presence was greatly appreciated by the pastors in the group as well. They were lining up to converse with him about various situations in their churches and seeking wisdom in handling them. No matter what the culture, our desire is to see healthy churches being formed and built, so this was a wonderful week of ministry for us. Thank you for your support that makes contacts like this possible.

Diane and Bill Jerdan

Global Outreach Mission – Box 2010 – Buffalo, NY 14231-20100
REC Board of Foreign Missions – 4142 Dayflower Drive – Katy, TX 77449

Prayer Requests

  • For the Church around the world, that healthy churches will be formed and built
  • For all who serve Christ faithfully, despite difficult circumstances


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