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Missionary Profile from Brazil:
Judy King

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Judy King, from Pike (near Buffalo) New York, and her Wycliffe translation partner Cathie Aberdour from Edinburgh, Scotland, have dedicated their lives to the Lord to serve him as translators of the written Word of God into the language of the Apurina Indians, especially in the villages of Ita Boca and Lago Branco.

Their accomplishments include writing a dictionary; writing and publishing school primers and health manuals; performing medical procedures and providing medicines, clothing, books, and food; instituting a clinic; erecting a school and a church building; completing a landing strip for light aircraft; translating the Old & New Testament into Apurina; exercising godly counsel and discipline; learning Portuguese (language of Brazil); continually living at a subsistence level; being a friend of the Apurina and accepting the rigors of jungle life and a different culture.

Beset by various tropical illnesses and dangers, they demonstrate by their lips and lives that the grace of God is their portion and sufficiency. And through their faithful witness and obedience, many who once walked in darkness now know the One who is the Light of the World. You can be a meaningful part of their ministry by supporting Judy through the REC Board of Foreign Missions.

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