Re-evangelizing Europe 2017:
Reformation Heritage Museum

Under the capable leadership of the Rt. Rev. Dr. Jasmin Milić, Good Shepherd Reformed Episcopal Church in Osijek, Croatia, leads REC-Croatia in the task of re-evangelizing Europe. Its vibrant parish worships in an historic 400-year-old building. It also houses the diocesan headquarters of The Reformed Episcopal Church of Croatia, and is home to the Michael Starin Seminary (and Royal Grote Library), training Croatian, Serbian, and Bosnian theological students. (pictured at right is Bishop Grote on his final trip to Croatia)

The Reformation Heritage Museum is a full display with lovely courtyard designed to attract visitors and students to learn about the impact of the Protestant Reformation in that part of Europe. This effort, therefore, has everything to do with spreading the Gospel in a visual and teaching manner.


A generous matching gift of $10,000 was provided to assist Good Shepherd with completing the Reformation Heritage Museum in time for the celebrations planned for this year, the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation in Europe. A special Lenten Offering raised far more than the additional $10,000 needed to match the gift and complete the museum. An informational brochure describes the project in full.

The Board thanks each individual, parish, and mission that participated in the Lenten Offering for the glory of God and the advancement of His Kingdom.


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Artist’s rendering of rebuilt courtyard, where Good Shepherd church engages in outreach ministries

Good Shepherd Church, Osijek

Church of the Good Shepherd