Update and Prayer Request
for the Colvins

After three years of challenging and positive ministry in the Philippines, Fr Matt and Sora Colvin moved to Bandung, Indonesia in 2016 to support the Gereja Anglikan Indonesia, Anglican Church in Indonesia (GAI), a rapidly growing mission deanery under the Diocese of Singapore.

The Colvins were the first REC and SAMS long-term missionaries assigned to Bandung and were advancing well in language study and in fellowship with the Indonesian Church. However, the adjustment for the children has been hard, and the constant air pollution has caused significant respiratory problems for Sora and to some extent to one of the children.

After medical examinations and much prayer and consultation with SAMS and REC mission leadership, they have decided to return to North America. The children have been through three culture shocks and breaks in education in four years so another overseas transition would not be helpful at this time.

We ask our readers to continue in prayer for the Colvin family as they transition back to America and seek employment. We also want to provide a transition salary through August 2017. A special gift or continued financial support will be appreciated.

Biography: Matt and Sora Colvin

Fr. Matt is a skilled teacher of Biblical languages, with a PhD in Greek from Cornell University. He is a presbyter in the Reformed Episcopal Church and the ACNA, and is passionate about helping others understand the Scriptures. Sora is an experienced midwife and midwifery educator. During the Colvins’ placement in the Philippines, she was involved in training both Filipinos and missionary midwives and also participated in medical disaster response after Typhoon Haiyan.

Fr. Matt and Sora have four children together, Ezekiel, Naomi, Hosanna, and Isaiah, pictured at right.

The REC supports them through the Society of Anglican Missionaries and Senders (SAMS).

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